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At Home on the Other Side of the Globe – Fényi Gyula Jesuit High School Students in Wah Yan Colleges Hong Kong and Kowloon

„It is incredible how many new things I have learnt, said Mrs. Kinga Rivasz-Tóth, vice principal, introducing both the teachers conference, and the Weekly School Assembly where the students shared their experiences with the whole community of our school. 14 students and two teachers visited two Jesuit high schools, Wah Yan College HK and Wah Yan College Kowloon between 9-18 September, 2018. (4 minute TV broadcast HERE, starts at 14:45) The Hungarian...

students stayed with families. It was unforgettable, they all said.

Quotes from the reflections:
„It is not possible to name only one single best experience, the whole trip was great. I loved bathing in the South China Sea, and to see the night skyline of Hong Kong. ” „Every minute brought something new, starting with the flight, all along to the farewell dinner.”
„For me the most wonderful were the secenery from the Victoria Peak and the typhoon. I loved the Ocean Park, the dinners with my host family, sightseeing... really, everything was fabulous.”

The students recalled the one and half days when nobody was allowed to leave home during the raging Mangkhut Typhoon. Some of them were able to go out and feel the power of the wind for a few moments. Everybody was secretly a bit envious of the lucky ones who had the opportunity to do this as there are no typhoons in Hungary. „We had to be very careful and hold on to the railing. Also we had to take care of one another during those few minutes.”

Although our schools are very far away geographically, there are many things that are similar. There were numerous occasions when the Hungarian students could feel at home. „It was not easy at first to discover any similarities, because the environment, architecture, the culture, education – everything is so different.” „It is interesing that most subjects are taught in English, it must be very useful for the future careers of the students.” „Sports are very important, that is common in all our schools. Also, teachers are very kind and friendly to the students, just like in our school.”
„They also have examen, but while in Hungary we have it through the school radio, in Hong Kong each class have their own, lead by the teacher or one of the students. I felt most at home during the homily at church.”

Some of the guests reflected about family life: „The families get up very early and go to sleep quite late. The parents are terribly busy, but the families always set apart 2-3 hours for the meals. Then they talk, listen to one another, no matter how much work they have.” „I was touched by the kind politeness of my host family, they talked in English during the family meals just for my sake. ”

„My host brother was interested in what I had to say about my country, my culture. He was very open and listened to me very attentively.”

In the Fényi Gyula Jesuit High School it is important that students and teachers step out of their usual environment and get to know other countries, other cultures.

Similarly to the Jesuit probations, they have te opportunity to travel abroad not only on pilgrimages, but also on shorter or longer project trips. Hong Kong has so far been the furthest point where the students traveled.

School principal Father Ferenc Holczinger SJ shared his reflexion with the school staff. „When we travel to foreign lands we not only meet new people and cultures, also, upon returning home, we will see our own home with new eyes. I am grateful for everything I saw in Hong Kong. At the same time I am also even more grateful for all I have at home.” (Judit Szelenge)

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