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Play Seriously, Learn Playfully - Erasmus Strategic Partnership 2018-20

Twenty students of four schools in four different countries will meet several times to create a board game that will connect not only four countries but all the subjects and spheres of inetrest. The game can be played on a board or online, and will be truly educational, hence the title of the project, ’Play Seriously, Learn Playfully.’ The first session took place between November 25-30 in the Fényi Gyula Jesuit High School, Miskolc, Hungary. The guest schools were the Danish Thisted Gymnasium, the Spanish Colegio San Francisco Javier, Tudela, and the Kostka Public Jesuit High School in Krakow, Poland. (CLICK HERE for Photos). Four schools, in many ways...

similar, but also very different.

What will the six guest teachers take home after the first phase of the project?

„We were happy to see that our Polish pupils had the chance to try new things, and learn to be more independent. It was good to see how very capable they were and how they managed.”

"Religion is a strictly private matter in Denmark. There is a Lutheran priest lady in our school, but the school itself is secular. It was interesting to experience that the whole school prays together and there is a relaxed atmosphere about religion."

"We were impressed by the cooperation of the Hungarian colleagues. A different set of teachers came into every session, fifteen or more Hungarian colleagues were involved . Some of them came with translators, because they did not speak English perfectly, and it worked very well, and added to the exotic feel. The program became more diverse, colorful, and truly inter-disciplinary."

"We think that, we would also like to involve more colleagues in Tudela. We will also need translators, because not all teachers are naturally prepared for international work. In Tudela we place a great importance on social service, and would like to show what we do when the project comes to us."

"The students already found one another other on Facebook, even before we traveled to Hungary. They started communicating immediately."

"Five students from each country, twenty altogether. Really ideal group size for work."

"It was a very nice experience, we learnt about international student exchange, projects, and we will take home new methodology, activities, games, variety of classroom work."

"The school work in Miskolc is enhanced by the architectural variety, the diverse shape and colour of the classrooms and the furnitue."

"We enjoyed the hospitality, thank you!"

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