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Animation with Annabell Wendler

2022 tavaszán Annabell Wendler, fiatal német grafikusművész érkezett a JEZSU-ba, felajánlotta szaktudását és idejét, hogy érdeklődő diákokkal németül társalogjon, mialatt stop-motion animációt, vagyis az animáció őskorából származó, eredeti technikával elkészítenek egy kisfilmet. Kulyassa Nándor, Ujfalussy Zalán, Novák Zsófia és Horváth Kristóf aprólékos, kitartó munkájának eredménye IDE KATTINTVA megtekinthető.
Annabell worked with...

four 10th graders who were ready to dedicate their free afternoons to creating an animation movie while also improving their German language.
“After some discussion the four students who wanted to take part in the after-school activity decided to create a stop-motion movie. The main objectives of the project were to improve their German language skills, creativity, storytelling, teamwork and to gain a better understanding of shapes and colours." The time frame, a little over one month, three hours each Thursday, was just about enough for the group to experience the whole process of creating a visual product from beginning to end. The group started work by defining the target audience, and then continued with outlining the problem, (ideation, solution). They brainstormed and sketched some ideas, developed a story, and visualized prototypes. "It was a lot of meticulous work until the final result," said their teacher. The main materials we used: Paper, watercolours, pencils, thread, tape, cutter knife and scissors.

Annabell came to Hungary immediately after graduating from university to share her passion for visual arts with young people. “I'm an artist who studies Graphic Design to gain a deeper understanding in the visual language. Traveling and visiting other countries is a great inspiration and experience for me.”

Annabelle stayed in the JEZSU working with high school students as a volunteer for over one month. The idea of Annabell coming to Hungary came up through Martin Venuss, our own German volunteer serving in the school in the academic year 2021-22. "The timing was excellent, as I had just finished my studies. It was the perfect chance to use the knowledge I've gained in University, share my passion in visual creating (painting, crafting, experimenting, etc.) and explore Hungary."

I want to express my gratitude to many people: Father Principal, Ferenc Holczinger SJ for inviting me, the teachers of the German Language department, and several other teachers and colleagues in the school to whom I could turn for help or a friendly chat. Special thanks to all the very kind teachers and students who welcomed me and made my JEZSU experience fulfilling.”

Annabell Wendler (BA Graphic Design, Deutsche-Pop Akademie - University of West London)

* Born 08/24/2000
* 2019 Abitur completed at the Goethe Gymnasium Bischofswerda
* 2022 Bachelor of Arts - Graphic Design, Deutsche-Pop Akademie - University of West London

Artistic career
* 2019 first exhibition at Café Sperling (Alaunstr. 86, Dresden)
* 2021 second exhibition at Anders&Anders (Böhmische Str. 18, Dresden)

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